Why You Should Use A Temporary Phone Number For Phone Verification

Big tech companies are increasing requiring users to use their mobile phone numbers as a way of phone verifying and identifying them. Here's looking at you google!

Your mobile phone number has become a form of your online identifcation.

What if you want to protect your online privacy and want to avoid the likes of google and the other big tech companies from building yet another profile of you and linking you with your phone number.

For instance, when you want to create a gmail account, google now requires that you verify your mobile phone number.

Why do you need google to verify and know your mobile phone number when all you want is to create a gmail email account?

One way you can protect your online privacy and protect your real phone number is to use a temporary phone number to verify your phone and gmail account.

It's not the only thing you can do to protect your online privacy and real phone number, but every little helps!

You can get a non-VOIP real USA temporary phone number at Textita for phone verification.