This Phone Number Cannot Be Used For Verification

If you are trying to create a google gmail account and you get the error message :- This phone number cannot be used for verification – or – This phone number can't be used to sign up for a Google Voice Number – Unsupported phone number Try verifying with a different number - We don't support this number, provide another one.

What Google is really trying to tell you is – you cannot create a gmail account using a non-VOIP non-virtual number.

A VOIP or virtual number in this case is a phone number that is not a “Real Phone Number” – The number you are trying to use is not a mobile phone number using a mobile SIM card or a traditional landline phone number.

You are getting the “This Phone Number Cannot Be Used For Verification” message because you are trying to create a google gmail account with a google voice, textnow or other virtual VOIP number and google does not allow for that.

You will need to use a real mobile number with a mobile SIM card in your phone or you can get a temporary phone number from Textita which will allow you to create and verify the google account anywhere in the world by email, even without a mobile phone.