How To Create A Whatsapp Account Without A Phone Number Or Mobile SIM card

If you want to create a whatsapp account and you find yourself without a USA Phone Number or Mobile Phone or SIM Card we have the solution. One way to create a Whatsapp account without a mobile phone or mobile SIM card is to get a USA temporary phone number from Textita from our pool of available temporary / disposable mobile phone numbers.

receive verification code online Our phone numbers are private temporary non-VOIP USA phone number to receive SMS verification codes online and by email.

This works perfectly for creating and verifying a Whatsapp account from anywhere in the world.

Our phone numbers are real USA phone number created using mobile SIM cards. These non-VOIP phone numbers are perfect for receiving and verifying the Whatsapp verification code. Once you have verified the Whatsappp verificatdion code, your Whatsapp will work as usual.

Very simple. This will create a whatsapp account without a mobile phone SIM card. Works a charm everytime!

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