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How To Create A Gmail Account Without a Phone

How To Create A Gmail Account Without a Phone

When trying to create a google gmail account, one of the requirements that google asks for these days is a mobilr phone number for phone verification..

Why you need to verify your personal and private phone number to create a gmail account to some people is an invasion into their personal privacy. But this is where we find ourseves, it’s wha google asks for.

If you need to create a google gMail account and don’t have a USA Phone Number, Mobile SIM Card, or are using a personal computer what you can do is get a USA temporary phone number from Textita to verify your gMail account.

Our phone numbers are real USA phone number created using mobile SIM cards. These non-VOIP phone numbers are perfect for receiving and verifying the gMail verification code. Once you have verified the gMail verification code, your gmail accunt is good to go.

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