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How To Create A Twitter Account Without a Phone

How To Create A Twitter Account Without a Phone

So you want to create a Twitter account and you don’t have a mobile phone, phone number, or SIM Card. What can you do? Well if you want to bypass the twitter phone verification, what you can do is get a temporary / burner / disposable phone number from Textita.

Using a temporary phone number is a great way to protect your online privacy.

To verify your Twitter account all you need is a real non-VOIP mobile phone number using a SIM card.

Thankfully thats what we use at Textita. We have a pool of available working real mobile phone numbers.

To verify your twitter account its very simple.

In place of entering your real mobile phone number you just enter your temporary phone number .

We will then send you the twitter verification code to your email. And voila!, your twitter account is verified.We

Works a charm everytime!

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